Flower Essences for Emotional Wellbeing

Flower Essences for Emotional Wellbeing

We all aim for a life that feels easy and flowing and includes times of lightness and play as well as times of focus and productivity. But inevitably, you’re also sometimes going to be impacted by stressful events, unhealthy relationship dynamics or feelings that you’re not being true to yourself or living up to your potential.

The ritual of taking flower essences can support you in finding your own version of emotional balance, whether that’s equipping you with the resilience to cope with stress, the determination to make changes, or the confidence to be true to yourself.

Join Jayne Tancred, co-founder and chief tree hugger of Tribe of the Tree flower essences to discover how flower essences can support your emotional healing and wellbeing.

Date: Sunday 18 November 2018 – 10am to 12pm

Cost $60.00 per person and booking is essential.

You can purchase a ticket to this event via Eventfinda by clicking here or call us on 03 5348 1099

Daylesford Healing Massage will host Jayne for two workshops during Live, Love, Life. Jayne will also be available for intuitive readings.

Jayne Tancred Flower Essences for Emotional WellbeingA little bit about Jayne and Tribe of The Tree
Jayne has been living and breathing natural health since she was a teenager, she is a qualified naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and energetic healer, and have been working in the complementary medicines industry for more than 25 years.

Tribe of the Tree™ – a flower essence brand that Jayne created with a friend, are sourced from native Australian and international plants with the intention of offering energetic healing, insight and wisdom, delivered with a healthy dose of love and a cheeky attitude.

Their mission is to help you reclaim the profound happiness, connection with source, and reverence for nature that is, and always has been, yours for the taking.