Warm Bamboo

Bamboo has an ancient rich tradition in Chinese culture and medicine. Many believe that the properties of good luck, expansion, flexibility and the healing power of the Bamboo are transferred to the client during their massage. Bamboo Massage offers not only a deep relaxation but also relief from aching, sore and tight muscles. Warm Bamboo stickes are applied on the skin directly, strectching the underlying tissue and muscle fibres with an even and consistent pressure. Good for headaches and migraines, stress and anxiety, can break up scar tissue, reduces muscle spasms, improves circulation, grounding and balancing.

As you all would have heard by now, the Australian Government have directed all Day Spa’s and Massage Centres to temporarily close and not to provide any treatments to help slow the possible spread of covid-19.


We have also taken the step to temporarily close our retail store to protect the health and wellbeing of our truly amazing and dedicated staff and customers.


Despite having our services suspended, and while we can’t currently offer any Massages, Holistic Healing and other services in store, we are working on providing some services online, such as Meditation, Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings, Distance Healing, Tapping, Tarotherapy and some counselling services and a good selection of our retail offerings, such as Essential Oils, Books, Crystals.


The online store will be up and running here shortly and in the meantime you can email through your order requests to orders@massagehealing.com.au and we will contact you to organise payment and advise when you can pick up your items in store, or if you are unable to pick up we can organise local delivery or postage for anyone outside the local area.


For more detailed information about the COVID-19 disease - please contact your local authority or seek professional help and advice.

VIC Government COVID-19 advice