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Danielle-France Laplace Spence (Lama) is a Counsellor-psychotherapist, Tarot Consultant, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. She has a lifelong experience working as a healer, with the symbolism of the Tarot, various meditation systems and as a counsellor-psychotherapist.

She has been a student of teachings in Maitreya Theosophy for 33 years, and started her research on the Tarot and the Seven Rays over 14 years ago, and has run a series of workshops and courses. She holds:

    • certificate in counselling and psychotherapy, Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne
    • certificate in reconstructive psychotherapy, Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne.
    • Training in “cutting the ties that bind” © the Phyllis Krystal Method, Melbourne.
    • Training in “T.F.T. ™ Thought Field Therapy” © the R. Callahan Techniques, Psych. also known as ‘tapping’, Melbourne.
    • certificate in guided imagery therapy © Tarajyoti Govinda, B.A.Dip.Ed.Grad.Dip.Psych. Couns. MAPS, Daylesford.
    • certificate in ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training © Ballarat Living Works, Daylesford.
    • Training in Spiritual Healing with Shan the Rising Light, Right Human Relations, The Theosophical Fellowship, Heart Flow Worldwide, Melbourne and Daylesford.
    • certificate in the DNA Orion Healing Technique, Daylesford
    • level 1 initiation in Babaji’s Kriya Yoga
    • Tarot Consultant and Teacher specialised in Tarosophia, The Tarot and The Seven Rays.
    • Full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapist (IICT).

You can book Lama for the following services: Tarot, Counselling, Psychotherapy

Lama France intuitive Healer and Counsellor

Counselling, Psychotherapy

Counselling, Psychotherapy
Person at the bottom of a waterfall

Counselling and Psychotherapy

In a time of fierce world change and forced confinement, we find ourself observing our life, memories, thoughts, emotions and sensations. It may be intense, uneasy, uncomfortable, sometimes stressful; it may raise feelings of anxiety, loneliness, fear of all kind.

Are some of your feelings trapped in the past?
Are you reacting and over-reacting to situations?
Are you feeling frustrated and wondering about the future?
Are you grieving?

Talk to me. Tell me your story.

Allow me to support your inner dialogue so you may transmute ‘frozen’ past experience into valuable asset to use in the present.

What do I do?
I listen with full intent and heart intelligence; I become, for your benefit, a sounding board permitting you to re-organise yourself and to relate to others and your environment to the best of your ability.

My keynote is “Know Thyself in Order to Extend Thyself to Others”

Counselling (30 min) $100 | (60 min) $150 | Psychotherapy (6 x 60 min) $700 (save $200)

Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading
Reiki, Hands of Light

Tarot Readings

The ancient art of Tarot uses symbolism and imagery to provide remarkably accurate insight and can be used to facilitate discussion with your reader on virtually any topic you can think of.

For hundreds of years the tarot has been one of the most important Western mystical pathways for fortune-telling, divination and self-development. With connections to alchemy, psychology, astrology, numerology, Kaballah, Christian Mysticism, Eastern philosophy and many other esoteric traditions.

Using Intuition or Psychic abilities tarot provides insight, guidance, inspiration, self-understanding, healing and prediction.

Tarot Readings
(30 min) $90
(60 min) $160

add an extra 15 minutes for $50


Tarot Reading

Tarotherapy Consultation

Looking for a quiet mind, managing emotions and feelings, making sound and sane decisions, cohesion of mind, soul, body?

Then, breathe deeply with awareness, allow the oxygen to circulate through your body and explore mindfulness with tarotherapy.

Tarotherapy is a form of healing combining;

  • counselling/psychotherapy
  • tarosophia (tarot imagery wisdom)
  • sound bathing

Tarotherapy Consultation (60 min) $175

Tarotherapy is not offered virtually and must be booked as an in person session.
Click here to book.

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