Consultations – Evelyn the Green Witch

Psychic Medium, Distance Healing, House Clearing – with Evelyn the Green Witch

Evelyn – The Green Witch is world renowned for her Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot, Aura and Palm Readings.

She is a Reiki Master, Healer and a teacher of palmistry and psychic development, and has been working professionally in Daylesford for over 20 years.

“I didn’t know I was different as a kid. I thought everyone could see auras. I learnt not to tell people, and for 30 years I was a normal country farmers wife. Now I love it, I wouldn’t want to be without it. It’s not really work doing what you love.”

Evelyn is also a practising green witch, meaning she practises her magic for good not evil. “Magic is like electricity. You plug into it, whether you use it for good or bad it is your free will”.

You can book Evelyn for in store (in person) Psychic Medium sessions.

If you are interested in Distance Healing, House Clearings or Animal Intuitive Readings with Evelyn, please give us a call on 03 5348 1099 to arrange a suitable time. Please do not book a session online as these are for in person sessions in our store in Daylesford. 

Evelyn - The Green Witch

Psychic Medium

Haunted House with spirit

Psychic Reading

Psychic’s use heightened perceptive abilities and intuitive awareness to receive information about someone’s past, present, future, or all three. They may do this by reading your energy field, connecting with their own or your spirit guides or higher self, or connecting with a Universal Source.

Psychic readings may offer guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective, or strategies for dealing with challenges and providing clarity in love, relationship, career, and more, no matter what’s on your mind.

Psychic readings (allow up to 60 min) $175
add an extra 15 minutes for $50

Mediumship Reading

Our Medium connects with your recognisable loved ones in spirit. Mediumship doesn’t involve predictions, or analysis of one’s career, finances, or love life.

The intention of mediumship is to let you know that their deceased loves ones are still a part of their lives, provide closure and bereavement support, and diminish fear of death. Loved ones in spirit may offer messages of love, support, and healing, or specific information understood only by yourself.

Medium consultation (allow up to 60 min) $175
add an extra 15 minutes for $50

How long should you wait before connecting with a loved one with a Psychic/Medium reading?

Our advice is to wait a year from the passing of a loved one before you have a Psychic/Medium reading and trying to connect.

This is to give you time to grieve and heal a little and be in a better place to receive messages. And to allow time for your loved one to adjust to spirit life.

Having a reading too soon after the passing may be very emotional for you and may not assist you in your healing journey.

When you have your reading, keep in mind that your loved one may not be ready to connect with you, just because you are ready.

If you feel that you can’t wait a year, maybe think about doing a holistic healing session, reiki, energy healing whilst you wait for you, and your loved one to be ready.

Please note that none of our psychic readers/mediums will read for anyone under that age of 18, no exceptions.

Distance Healing, House Clearing

Reiki, Hands of Light

Animal Intuitive Reading

If you ever want to know how your pet is feeling, thinking or need to communicate big life changes such as a move, a break up, a vacation or a difficult unresolved situation, a pet reading is a great way to minimise the stress for you animal and allow you to focus on what you need to do.

Pets appreciate the acknowledgment and information and always have a lot to say about your choices. It is an easy way to begin to hear what you pet has to say and usually opens the door to real communication with your furry friend.

Animal Intuitive Readings are not done live, instead a photo is used which you will have the opportunity to upload when you book a session. The reader will give you a call to provide the information the reader received during the session.

Animal Intuitive Reading $100

Distance Healing (Remote or Absent)

What is Distance Healing
You can’t see your mother’s love, but you can feel it. You feel it during hard times, and you know she is there with you, even when she is not physically present. This love, which is energy, helps you overcome your difficulties.

Distance or remote healings work in a similar way using intention and positive, coherent energy that can take place across any distance and is sent via thought, emotion, and intention. The distance can be small or vast. Stretching beyond the limits of time and space, distance healing sends energy healing to reach you no matter where you are.

Reiki, Energetic Healing (distance/remote)
In Reiki teachings of healing we are more than our physical bodies. Our bodies also have an energy body made up of our aura (energy fields), the chakras (energy centres) and the meridians (energy pathways.) Our physical body takes in food to nourish it and give it energy, and our energy fields take energy in, the chakras break it down, and the meridians distribute it throughout the body.

All distance healing sessions are customised to your needs and may include a combination of Reiki, Auras, Chakra Balancing and more

Distance Healing (allow up to 60 min) $150
add an extra 15 minutes for $30

House Clearing (Distance, Remote Absent).

Spirits or stagnant energy can sometimes get ‘stuck’ or maybe the spirits just like to hang around your space. They might have been there for a very long time, be left-over or lingering energies from previous owners or inhabitants.

Clearings for your home, business or space aim to move spirits on, clear negative residual energy and to cleanse your home and/or business spiritually.

Clearings are often done remotely using psychic and spiritual energy.

a house clearing can benefit many souls; those that may need help moving to the higher realms and those that live in or attend the home, friends and other people who visit, including pets!

Evelyn will connect you to guide any spirits present in their journey towards the light with respect and compassion.

Should you have any questions during the house clearing or after, Evelyn is more than happy to answer.

House Clearing (allow up to 30 min) $100
add an extra 15 minutes for $30

These Intuitive Healers, Psychic’s, Tarot Readers and Counsellors are also available